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Concept design

Architectural study

EM study

Furniture study

Artworks study


Munich Re, the world’s leading technology partner to the Health Insurance industry for over 2 decades, entrusted us, the creation of its new headquarters of 1.920sq.m, in Athens, Greece.

A 100% subsidiary of German insurance multinational 'Munich Re', one of the world’s leading reinsurers, operating in all lines of insurance, with more than 42,000 employees throughout the world.


Inspired by the company's values (Team spirit, Innovation, Customer first, Commitment) and technology expertise, we created a new architectural identity that combines well - balanced, the senses of professionalism and familiarity.


In almost 3 months, we studied and delivered a pleasant working environment representative of the company's global caliber and culture. An environment, that supports productivity and further growth. 

Collab. architect: Elianna Kolyva

Artworks: Dora Chrysaki

Photos: Vassilis Makris

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